The team behind CF+D

The CF + D Story

Vince, the founder and CEO of CF + D, is a self-made designer, technician, custom fabricator, and artist in his own right. Certified as a wood-burning system designer, air spillage and pressure specialist, Vince leads a team of skilled technical experts in the North American fireplace industry.

CF + D, once a retail distributor of domestic fireplaces, is now a custom fireplace design-build studio, featuring the work of engineers, welders, blacksmiths, designers and construction specialists. With installations across the continent, our Burlington-based business is rethinking fireplace design, optics, and performance.

Collaborating directly with architects, designers, and custom builders from initial concept to final product delivery, CF + D provides a seamless experience.

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What We Do Differently

Custom built
We create to share, to elicit emotion, to bring about change.

We aren’t only artists or craftspeople, we are individuals skilled in forming custom fireplaces that feature the latest technology. From simple designs sketched on paper to a 3D CAD rendering, we design and engineer the required drawings needed to custom fabricate the final product. Whether indoor or outdoor, gas, wood or Vapor-Fire, our one-of-a-kind fireplace designs are built with quality, creativity, and innovation in mind.

All in-house
Engineers, steelworkers, modern-day blacksmiths.

Proficient in the art of shaping, fabricating and welding steel materials, we welcome the challenge of creating what our clients are looking for. With the capability to form, bend, and roll steel on-site, our facility boasts the equipment and technical compositions to create without boundaries. We strive to challenge ourselves with new concepts, precision metal design, and custom finishing in various colors, textures and polishing.

Tested for safety
Our products are designed by our human emotions but tested by our in-house specialists.

Customized projects require customized testing. As an ISO 17025 approved company, our products are tested onsite. The data is then compiled and provided to our certification partner, ICC-ES in California. Testing includes clearance to combustibles, pressure relief and heat distribution, and every component is monitored and measured to provide optimal safety.

Designing a unit to function is one thing, but creating it to function in a specific environment is another. To fully test our products, we recreate environments specific to the installation of a fireplace, allowing us to measure airflow, test external factors, and find solutions.

We don’t rest until our products are monitored, refined, and perfected.

Leadership Behind CF + D

Vince Volpe
Michelle Volpe
VP Sales & Marketing
Kelly Marvyn
Office Manager
Tony James
Operations | Technical Director
James Mackay
Production | Floor Manager
Maulik Panchal
R & D Lab Manager
Monica Mendes
Accounting Administrator
Ken Gardner Sr.
Technical Support

Creation in Progress

We sketch in charcoal, we mold in clay, we get our hands dirty. We measure and refine, we render in CAD, we perfect every detail.


Vision to Reality

Engineers, steelworkers, modern-day blacksmiths. We aren’t craftspeople. We are artists bringing form to the formless.


Science is our Religion

Creating atmosphere is an art form. Our products are designed by our human emotions and tested by our in-house specialists to ensure your safety.


Design’s Finale

We don’t just sell a fireplace; we create a space to experience warmth with one another; a place to pass that feeling on.



Design begins when we speak it into existence; when it’s potential is nurtured and given a chance to make its own impression. Let go of the past, embark on the creative process with us.


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