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North Americas First Collection of unique Suspended Fireplaces Certified for:

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Image of the Callista Single-Sided Suspended Fireplace
Image of the Callista Single-Sided Suspended Fireplace
Image of the Lucija Suspended Fireplace

What We Strive For

We create for our clients.
We create to be limitless
We create to innovate.
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How It Came To Be

Thirty years of dedication, evolution and innovation has led us to where we are today with our team at Custom Fireplace Design. We are craftspeople, designers, engineers, fabricators, and visionaries, allowing designers, architects and builders to work outside the boundaries of the norm. 

Live the sweet life, with La Dolce Vita

Designed to reflect a contemporary yet modern lifestyle in suspended, built-in linear and wall-mounted models, VITA Fireplaces is our way of sharing our vision of design without boundaries.

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Creation in Progress

We sketch in charcoal, we mold in clay, we get our hands dirty. We measure and refine, we render in CAD, we perfect every detail.


Vision to Reality

Engineers, steelworkers, modern-day blacksmiths. We aren’t craftspeople. We are artists bringing form to the formless.


Science is our Religion

Creating atmosphere is an art form. Our products are designed by our human emotions and tested by our in-house specialists to ensure your safety.


Design’s Finale

We don’t just sell a fireplace; we create a space to experience warmth with one another; a place to pass that feeling on.



Design begins when we speak it into existence; when it’s potential is nurtured and given a chance to make its own impression. Let go of the past, embark on the creative process with us.


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