Vapor-Fire Technology

A new flame technology with endless possibilities.

Fire came with a purpose. It met a need. It gave heat and forever influenced our world. Now, we have reinvented the flame with a revolutionary burner system which uses water as a fuel source. Vapor-Fire technology is changing visions, inspiring designs, and intriguing clients on an international scale.

  • With no emissions or venting requirements, the freedom of design is yours. 
  • Safety concerns are put aside with zero heat emittance, and flames that are safe to touch. Enjoy the ambiance with a peaceful mind. 
  • Innovative augmented reality technology brings realistic flames to life, creating the atmosphere you’ve always wanted.
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Vapor-Fire was born from a need, a want, a desire. Designed to be the perfect solution for spaces where traditional fireplaces were unable to be featured, this technology allows fire to be brought to areas where gas line and venting requirements once caused limitations. Efficient, fueled by water, and sustainable, Vapor-Fire reimagines the way fire has been used in our history and how it can be used in our future.

A fireplace brings ambiance; a feeling. No matter where you are located, bring that feeling to your space. Hotel lobbies, restaurants, multi-family apartment buildings, commercial spaces and more- there are no boundaries. 

Unique materials and wall-finishings are encouraged! With no combustible or clearance requirements, seamlessly integrate Vapor-Fire models into your design and nurture your vision.

Creation in Progress

We sketch in charcoal, we mold in clay, we get our hands dirty. We measure and refine, we render in CAD, we perfect every detail.


Vision to Reality

Engineers, steelworkers, modern-day blacksmiths. We aren’t craftspeople. We are artists bringing form to the formless.


Science is our Religion

Creating atmosphere is an art form. Our products are designed by our human emotions and tested by our in-house specialists to ensure your safety.


Design’s Finale

We don’t just sell a fireplace; we create a space to experience warmth with one another; a place to pass that feeling on.


People Behind the Process

An individual can only do so much. A team is capable of anything. From simple sketches to complex designs, to a vision that cannot be contained to the page, we see the potential in the material and create one-of-a-kind fire features.

The Venture Lane, Boston, USA

Your creation has been the star and eye catcher in or office set up. Every single visitor raved about it and it draws people to sit next to it for a chat or a meeting.

Experience Comfort Beyond Boundaries

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