Residential Project – AIDAN Single-Sided


This residential project in Los Angeles, California specified a VITA | Firplaces AIDAN | Single-Sided Suspended Vapor-Fire model. It has now been installed is a cozy corner location within a living room area with a standard 9ft. ceiling application.

Due to the sloped ceiling of this building, a custom anchor was designed and manufactured to meet the project requirements. The anchor holds the weight and suspends fireplace in position and is installed above the finished ceiling, structual beams, or other means incorporated architecturally into the building. The Vapor-Fire burner technology uses regular tap water as a fuel source which creates the realistic flame-effect. The fire feature is plumbed-in to the main source water line for coninuous burn-time.The client’s choice of media was Canoe Birch Twigs.

Our experience designing and manufacturing custom fireplaces translates into our VITA | Fireplaces collection. The CF + D team collaborates closely with every client to ensure all project requirements are met. We welcome the challenges that come across our desks which keep our creative minds working to develop unique fireplaces and broaden our scope of work.

It was a pleasure working with our client on this project. Thank you for choosing CF + D | custom fireplace design.