Custom Vertical See-Thru Gas Fireplace


This towering Custom Vertical See-Thru Gas Fireplace was North American designed and manufactured by CF + D | custom fireplace design for a residential project in Mississauga, Ontario, CanadaOnce completed it exceeded the client’s expectations. 

The enclosed fireplace measures 48” wide by 72” high and includes a manually operated vertical guillotine sliding glass door systemThe wide viewing area allows the flame to be viewed from two sides of the interior space and surrounding areas. From one side is the entrance into the room, which warmly greats its guest with luxurious beauty. The other side is a grand open seating area that welcomes you with a warm and comforting environment. 

The client’s vision of a focal fire feature seamlessly integrated into the interior decor spanning two floors was something that the CF + D team was excited to achieve. This impressive gas fireplace began its journey as a hand-drawn sketch and a computer-generated rendering. Developed as an open front fireplace with telescopic glass to allow for an open flame look, a power vented exhaust system with automatic damper and pressure sensor was incorporated into the chimney system. Working alongside some of our most trusted industry partners for the elegant masonry design work on the facade, as well as our helpful material suppliers, we collaborated closely with our client and the large team of designers to put all of the pieces into place for production.

Once in place, the fireplace was beautifully framed and enclosed in a stone facade with wood accents. It was important to ensure ample airflow to the burner, which meant that all outer finishes accounted for these openingsA great deal of collaboration and communication across multiple team members ensured the unique design was also functional. We always enjoy working with all of the different teams and facets of each project from start to finish to ensure successful completion.